Which SSL certificate is right for me?

Free Certificate

All domains hosted with Prompt Web Hosting are automatically assigned a free SSL certificate. This is provided by Comodo and cPanel. It secures all add-on domains and sub domains.

No action is required on your part, the certificate will be generated and installed for you if you do not already have one. The free certificates only have an expiry of three months but are set to automatically renew as the expiry date gets close.

These certificates can only be used on our servers.

Bronze Certificate

These certificates can be purchased for up to three years. They will secure a single domain and it’s ‘www’ alias.

Each of these certificates comes with $10,000 warranty for the security of purchases made through your website.

Bronze certificates are delivered in minutes after validation.

Silver Certificate

The Silver certificates are similar to Bronze but they included greater validation and a higher warranty amount ($100,000) for the security of purchases made through your website.

There is more validation involved with Silver certificates to establish your location and identity.

Gold Wildcard Certificate

The Gold Wildcard certificates cover an unlimited number of subdomains. This is especially useful for companies with multiple systems/offices/locations. For example:


Platinum Extended Validation Certificate

Platinum Extended Validation Certificate Green Bar

This is the highest level of entity validation and security. Many background checks are performed before the SSL certificate is issued.

The primary benefit of these certificates is the secure ‘green bar’ visual indication to customers coming to your website that your site is very secure. When customers feel safe they will trust your site more and be comfortable to purchase from you. Customers are very important to any business so this SSL certificate can be well worth the additional cost.

To purchase a certificate or for more information please visit our SSL certificates page.

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