How can I access my cPanel account?

To access your cPanel account you have two options.

Option 1: Via the Prompt client area

To access your cPanel account seamlessly via the client area follow the steps below.

Step 1: Login to the client area using the 'Login' button on our main website (or via this URL:
Step 2: Using the navigation select 'Services > My Services'.
Step 3: Click the service you would like to access cPanel for.
Step 4: Click 'Login to cPanel' on the left hand side menu under 'Actions'. It is shown below:

Login to cPanel via client area.

Option 2: Direct URL in browser

To access your service directly via a URL or bookmark you can use one of the variations below.

If your domain resolves correctly it is recommended that you use:

If your domain is currently not resolving correctly (e.g. transferring) you can use the IP address:

111.222.333.444/cpanel (use your assigned servers main IP address)

If you know your assigned server name you can also use that, for example:

If you get stuck, please contact us via live chat or open a support ticket.

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